All items sold by Gemstone Gadgets include FREE SHIPPING.

As you will be receiving our items direct from Manufacturers we work with around the world. Shipping times may vary depending on the destination of the order.

However below we have tried to include a rough guide as to the wait that you may experience.

Please note: This timeframe may be quicker or longer due to demand & other circumstances that may be out of our control. However if anything should arise, either contact us or we will notify you.

Australia: 11 - 15 days
United States: 11 - 15 days
United Kingdom: 11 - 15 days
Europe: 11 - 20 days

South America: 11 - 20 days

We are able to ship worldwide, so if you are interested in knowing the specific delivery time for your location, please contact us. All orders include tracking information for a smooth and easy delivery.

Should you have any questions please contact us at & a representative will get back to you shortly.
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